With Marchi Wealth Management Group, everything begins with you, the client.

I recognize that every client is different and deserving of a customized approach. I will personally work with you to understand your unique financial goals and needs.

The only formula I follow is the one that’s best for you. Why? Because as a married father of four, I only want the best for my family as you would want the best for yours. Life has enough ups and downs on its own; no one needs the added stress of financial instability.

You will see by the tools you have at your finger tips that my systems are transparent. You will know any time of day or night what ALL your investments are doing and what your Net Worth is with a push of a button (Even assets that are not held with Marchi Wealth Management Group).

I can help you plan through the many stages of your life:

  • Beginning your career
  • Getting married
  • Having a family
  • Making career changes
  • Planning for your child’s college
  • Considering retirement
  • Enjoying your golden years

Many clients also turn to me during the most trying times in their lives:

  • Divorce
  • Job loss
  • Sickness
  • Death of a loved one

The market has been a place of uncertainty in recent years. My goal based approach helps you understand your overall risk, how your investments will help achieve your goals and put your mind at ease during these times of uncertainty. Positioning your assets based on your goals and helping you achieve those goals, will help you through the uncertain times of life.

I’ve seen a lot in my 18 plus years in the financial industry, 5 years as the President of Nation’s Lending Group and 13 years as a Financial advisor.

In addition to my experience, you will enjoy the added assurance of knowing that I am surrounded by the support of other professionals. My knowledge, coupled with the extensive resources of The Investment Center Inc. and Pershing LLC, allow me to provide sound guidance but with a personal touch.